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People: Researchers

Lead Researchers
- Dr. David Speert (Director)
- Dr. Julie Bettinger (Head, Infection Epidemiology)
- Dr. Robert Hancock (Head, Genomics)
- Dr. David Scheifele (Head, Clinical Trials)
- Dr. Rusung Tan (Head, Tissue and Microbe Banking)
- Dr. Stuart Turvey (Head, Host Defense)
- Dr. Jan Dutz
- Dr. Simon Dobson
- Dr. Tobias Kollmann

    Laboratory Members Click on any of the labs below for a full list of laboratory members:

- Dr. David Speert's Lab
- Dr. Julie Bettinger's Lab
- Dr. Robert Hancock's Lab
- Dr. David Scheifele's Lab
- Dr. Rusung Tan's Lab
- Dr. Stuart Turvey's Lab
- Dr. Jan Dutz's Lab
- Dr. Simon Dobson's Lab
- Dr. Tobias Kollmann's Lab