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Priority Research Areas: Genomics

GenomicsMany human maladies have an underlying genetic basis. The Genomics groups, led by Dr. Robert Hancock, will utilize advanced functional genomics and bioinformatics to investigate the relationship between the phenotype of the disease and the underlying genetic mutations. Our focus is on diseases that dysregulate inflammation, with or without the involvement of chronic infections, including Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Granulomatous Disease, and a variety of genetic mutations in key genes involved in immune signaling, including IRAK4 deficiency.

The objective is to utilize Systems Biology methods to determine key regulatory steps that explain dysfunctional inflammation/innate immunity and to use this knowledge to devise novel treatments and markers of disease. The group is also interested in polygenic diseases that impact on susceptibility to infection and/or dysregulate inflammation, including sepsis, inflammatory bowel disease and tuberculosis.

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