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Dr. David Scheifele

Head of Clinical Trials, CUPIC

Director, Vaccine Evaluation Center
Co-Leader and Data Supervisor, IMPACT
Professor, Division of Infectious and Immunological Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia

Dr. David Scheifele is Director of the Vaccine Evaluation Center, a leading centre for applied vaccine research in Canada. The main research themes involve disease burden studies, vaccine clinical trials and studies to fine tune public immunization programs, including ongoing assessment of vaccine safety. The Vaccine Center researchers collaborate with vaccine specialists across the country and with provincial and federal health officials, with the goal of efficiently translating new vaccine products into optimal vaccination programs for children and adults.

Dr. Scheifele is co-leader and data supervisor for the Immunization Monitoring Program, Active (IMPACT), an active surveillance program involving 12 pediatric centers across Canada. Nurse monitors at each hospital actively search for admissions with adverse events following immunization, to assess causes and outcomes. This is a key means of assessing vaccine safety, particularly the occurrence of uncommon, severe reactions.

Dr. Scheifele also plays a leading role in preparing for studies that will be necessary for a pandemic influenza vaccine.


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