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Trevor Hird

Dr. David Speert's Laboratory

I've been a Research Technician in David's Lab since 2007. Raising money for charities and helping people has always been very high on my priority list so when I had the opportunity to join a lab that concentrated its research on such an amazing cause as Cystic Fibrosis, I deemed myself extremely lucky. My specific responsibilities cannot be narrowed down into a small category rather quite broad one from helping manage the Burkholderia cepacia complex Referral Repository (BCCRR) to assisting in ongoing studies such as:

1) finding out what kind of phagocytic processes are most important during bacterial infections and how different immuno deficiencies or underlying conditions (such as CF) affect these processes.

2) M.tuberculosis work

3)Study of Rare Inflammatory diseases

My sister, having type 1 diabetes, is a huge inspiration for this type of work. I get to see firsthand the struggles and adaptations are needed to remain healthy and this drives me to contribute as much as I possibly can.

On that note, I am here to play a part in the development of better techniques, drugs or diagnostics which ensure a healthier, less stressful life for those who are not as fortunate as us.


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