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James Zlosnik

David Speert

PhD - Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr. David Speert's Laboratory

I joined David Speert's lab in 2006 with a background in the molecular biology of the cystic fibrosis pathogen P. aeruginosa. The first person I ever met with CF was on the flight over to Vancouver and since then I have become a convert to the benefits of conducting translational research.  

Since joining David's lab, my research interests have evolved to encompass the pathobiology of the Burkholderia cepacia complex - a subject I first became interested in when I worked for Dr Esh Mahenthiralingam as an undergraduate student at Cardiff University back in 2000/2001. My main interests now are to understand why it is some BCC infections in CF are mild, while others are very aggressive. Additionally, I am very actively exploiting the almost unique skills, resources and facilities available to us in CUPIC such as culture collections and clinical expertise to better understand CF lung infections.

Current Projects:

1. Understanding the contribution of exopolysaccharide production by BCC bacteria to severity of infection in CF.

2. Investigating the swimming motility phenotype in BCC bacteria from CF infections.

3. Understanding serum resistance in BCC bacteria

4. Determining the prevalence of Strep. milleri group bacteria in pediatric CF.

I'm also a big fan of long distance cycling and love to combine this with work through the annual GearUp4CF where we cycle 1,200km in 9 days across the big mountains in British Columbia.  


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